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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Fully Solved JKSSB Jr. Assistant Previous Years Question Papers (CBT Format)

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Download the Fully Solved JKSSB Jr. Assistant Previous Year Question Paper Held in Nov, 2017 (Computer Based Format)

JKSSB Jr. Assistant Aspirants, Today, we have something very useful for you. You might be aware that JKSSB is going to conduct the Computer Based Test (CBT) for Jr. Assistant Posts in School Education Department from 2nd week of April, 2018. Thousands of Aspirants, who have already passed the Type Tests are scheduled to appear in this exam. 

Exact Date, Time and Venue of CBT Exam will be known only after 25th March, 2018, When JKSSB releases the Admit Cards. To know the exact process for downloading the Call Letters, you should read our previous posts in which we have discussed the step by step Process for Downloading the JKSSB Admit Cards 2018.

If you haven't yet started preparig for Jr. Assistant Written test, then prepare early, as not much time is left for the exam. You can start with going through the Syllabus for JKSSB Jr. Assistant Exam. Those who have applied first time for Jr. Assistant Exam, are informed that Selection process for Jr. Assistant comprises of Type Test (60 Points) and Written Test (40 Points). There is No Interview for these posts. 

In this post, we will share the Full Solved JKSSB Jr. Assistant Previous years Question Paper with Latest pattern of CBT. This Jr. Assistant Exam was held in the month of Nov, 2017. Studying this Question Paper, will give you ample knowledge in understanding the Pattern and Nature of Questions to be asked in the Exam

Brief Summary of JKSSB Jr. Assistant CBT Syllabus

Before we share the Jr. Assistant Question Paper, it is important to share the Syllabus of the Exam.

Post: Jr. Assistant

Exam Type : Computer Based Test

Maximum Marks: 40

No. of Questions: 40

Time : 40 Minutes

Core Subjects of Jr Assistant Syllabus are given below

1) English: 20 Marks
2) Reasoning: 10 Marks
3) Computer fundamentals: 10 Marks

Fully Solved JKSSB Jr. Assistant Computer Based Question Paper

Section-1 English (20 Marks)

1) Identify the synonym of the underlined word: Samantha is undeniably good at her job.

A) Smoothly
B) Definitely
C) Perfectly
D) Happily

2) Identify the synonym of the underlined word: The stream had cut a rift in the rock.

A) Rig
B) Crack
C) Tunnel
D) Channel


To be truly functional, any health and fitness programme needs to address a body’s strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, speed, cardiovascular or muscular endurance and body composition. For example, a runner or cyclist does not need just speed and cardiovascular strength. He or she needs flexibility and muscular strength too. Lack of these results in an increased injury rate. A lifter’s primary need may be for power and strength but if flexibility and balance are ignored, as is often the case, it is a recipe for body rigidity and excessive muscle wear and tear. The more intense or explosive the movement, the more important is the integration. We may not realise it but our daily activities are multi-planar and a combination of push, pull, twist, bend, squat, climb, walk, run, depending on what we may be actively pursuing. Even daily household chores require a variety of movements. Therefore, our body needs to be really fit.

Lack of strength prevents us from holding relatively heavy objects or moving them around. Loss of flexibility makes our joints stiff and causes pain and limitation of movement as we age. Diminished cardiovascular capacity makes us pant and escalates our heart rate at the merest exertion. 

Compromised balance, especially as a corollary of the natural ageing process, is a primary cause of falls and fractures. Body composition is a very vital element of our health. A healthy and fit body needs to have all its fitness parameters within range, not just to look good but also to prevent diseases.

When all elements are developed in unison, we get the bonus of grace. Grace is about control; it is about the body performing through a range of movements seamlessly. Speed and strength need to balance each other just like cardiovascular and muscular strength. Without balance, we are like loose cannon balls, often struggling awkwardly to complete a movement. A fluid movement is a product of a body that has developed its potential well and is focussed on strengthening all aspects equally.

The reason why most people are plagued by chronic aches, pains and illnesses on the one hand, and athletic performance falls short on the other, is the lack of adequate functional movement and training respectively. Most labourers working at construction site have a lean, muscular look despite the sun, bricks and outdoors being their harsh gym. In contrast, sometimes bulked biceps developed in air conditioned gyms come packaged with a paunch and lack of ability to bend or go far and fast. What’s the difference? It’s about putting the body through its paces in all dimensions, and keeping it working on all planes equally!

3) What is the ‘harsh gym’ for labourers working at construction sites?

i. The sun
ii. The bricks
iii. The outdoor
iv. The biceps

A) i, ii, iii and iv
B) i and iv
C) i, ii, iii
D) i, ii

4) Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage in order to be truly functional?

A) Balance
B) Speed
C) Accuracy
D) Power

5) Besides speed and cardiovascular strength, which of the following does a cyclist need?

A) Grace and control
B) Flexibility and fitness
C) Power and strength
D) Flexibility and muscular strength

6) Pick out the synonym of ‘seamlessly’ as used in the passage.

A) Simultaneously
B) Perfectly
C) Continuously
D) Effortlessly

7) According to the author, our daily activities are multi-planar. Which of the following is NOT a part of our daily activities mentioned in the passage?

A) Twist, bend
B) Squat, climb
C) Walk, run
D) Sit, relax

8) Choose the Noun in the given sentence:

The next train is due in five minutes.

A) next
B) the
C) train
D) due

9) The garden is now better kept than it _________ last year.

A) is
B) has
C) were
D) was

10) _______ light was so bright that I had to cover my eyes.

A) An
B) The
C) No Article required
D) A

11) Choose the correct sentence in Passive Voice:

A broken leg blighted her chances of winning the championship.

A) Her chances of winning the championship are being blighted by a broken leg.
B) Her chances of winning the championship were blighted by a broken leg.
C) A broken leg was blighting her chances of winning the championship.
D) Winning the championship was a broken leg blighted her chances.

12) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb:

The project _______ in its final stages.

A) shall
B) are
C) be
D) is

13) Rearrange the following group of sentences to make a meaningful paragraph: 

a. How to be worthy of the trust bestowed upon you by your readers. 
b. Editing is neither art nor science; it's both. 
c. The science comes in knowing how to say it. 
d. But neither artistic talent nor scientific acumen will help you face one of the greatest challenges confounding every journalist. 
e. The artistry comes in deciding what to say.

A) cadeb
B) adecb
C) becda
D) bceda

14) _______ sky cleared after the thunderstorm.

A) The
B) No article required
C) An
D) A

15) I _____ rather go by bus than by a cab.

A) am
B) would
C) will
D) had

16) Although I _________ with my hands to come to me, Raju did not pay any attention.

A) Imaged
B) Painted
C) Gestured
D) Shouted

17) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb:

He __________ himself an expert in the subject.

A) have considered
B) considers
C) has been considered
D) considering

18) Choose the Pronoun in the given sentence:

To whom should I write?

A) whom
B) should
C) write
D) to

19) Change the voice of the sentence into passive voice.

My son will give me money.

A) Giving money will be done by my son to me.
B) Money will be given to me by my son.
C) Giving me money will be by my son.
D) Money could be given to me by my son.

20) Rearrange the following group of sentences to make a meaningful paragraph: 

a) They make too much noise in shops, they drive recklessly up and down the streets, and they carry a chip on their shoulders. 
b) People say teenagers are no good. 
c) Sometime those things are true. 
d) But we shouldn’t forget that there are hard moments in the life of a teenager too.

A) bacd
B) badc
C) bdca
D) dcab

Section 2 - General Ability (10 Marks)

21) Complete the series: M , O , K , S , C , ?

A) W
B) I
C) Z
D) Q

22) Complete the series:

13, 16, 38, ?, 504, 2535

A) 121
B) 123
C) 122
D) 120

23) In given alphabet series, some alphabets are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct option to complete the given sequence? ab _ a _ b_ bb_a _

A) babba
B) abbab
C) abaab
D) baaab

24) Find the next term in the following series:

14, 23, 18, 21, 22, 19, 26, ……..

A) 18
B) 29
C) 17
D) 24

25) Observe the figures below with their corresponding codes and find the correct code for the last figure.


26) What is the next term in the following series? 5, 10, 13, 65, 72, ___.

A) 83
B) 91
D) 792

27) If N can be coded as 42 , then H and P can be coded respectively as

A) 16, 32
B) 24, 48
C) 12, 28
D) 48, 24

28) If EARTH is written as 41590, and PALE is written as 2134, what is the code for PEARL?

A) 21435
B) 41253
C) 24135
D) 24153

29) In a certain language, if STICK is written as RSHBJ, then how would BOWLER be written as?


30) What is the next term in the following series: A17D, G149J, M425P, ___.

A) S625V
B) R525V
C) S845V
D) T648U

Section 3 - Computer(10 Marks)

31) Which of the following sentence is FALSE about Cache Memory?

A) Cache memory is expensive than main memory.
B) Cache memory is slower than main memory.
C) Cache memory consumes less access time as compared to main memory.
D) Cache memory stores data for temporary use.

32) Software and Platform as a Service which enables the business model of users logging into a centralized hub to access online their software products falls under which concept?

B) Cloud Computing

33) What is spooling?

A) The temporary storage and management of output to printers and other output devices until they can cope with it
B) The rewinding of tapes after processing
C) The temporary storage and management of input
D) The recording of all user activities in a log file

34) Which device is used to work like an upside-down mouse?

A) Trackpad
B) Trackball
C) Joystick
D) Trackpoint

35) Computer keyboard can be classified into which of the following device category?

A) Memory device
B) Output device
C) Input device
D) Storage device

36) What is the name of the process which requires saving the state of the old process and loading the saved state for the new process when switching occurs?

A) Dispatcher
B) Fragmentation
C) CPU scheduling
D) Context Switch

37) Which of the following shortcut key is used to select the entire column in MS Excel?

A) Ctrl + Tab
B) Ctrl + End
C) Ctrl + Home
D) Ctrl + Spacebar

38) Which term refers to the action that will make a Windows interface of an operating system to fill the whole screen?

A) Maximize
B) Scroll
C) Delete
D) Minimize

39) A hardware and/or software boundary that prevents unauthorized users from accessing restricted files on a network.

A) Cookies
B) Protocol
C) Virus
D) Firewall

40) Main Memory is also called as what?

A) Primary Memory
B) External Memory
C) Cache Memory
D) Secondary Memory

Answer Keys

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