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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Why JKSSB is a complete failure and should be dissolved

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Don't have any Trust left on JKSSB ? Know Why JKSSB as a Recruitment agency is a complete Failure

JKSSB- A name that is very much common to those who are looking for Government Jobs in J&K. It's a government owned Recruitment agency, associated with recruiting staff for Non-Gazetted posts for various Government departments in J&K. In other words, JKSSB does the hiring of employees on the behalf of State Government Departments. JKSSB Recruitment is the most sought after Job Recruitment tests in J&K. 

Every years, JKSSB creates thousands of vacancies, and ten's of thousands of aspirants apply for these vacancies. But the year 2013 is the golden year for aspirants, as over 19000 vacancies were advertised, Even in 2015, JKSSB had advertised over 5000 posts and this trend is likely to continue in this year too. 2016 can be special years for teacher jobs aspirants, as JKSSB Teacher Recruitment 2016 for 3000 posts can be announced anytime after July, 2016.

Now, you know, what JKSSB is and what it does, Now, we would like to draw your attention, towards the Faulty side of JKSSB, the way it conducts the exam, Delay in announcing results and selection lists, Issuing Admit cards just 2 days before the exam and Last but not the least, changing Examination centres a day before the exams. All these things are now a routine with JKSSB.

So, how can this Organization (JKSSB), be allowed to work in a way freely its been doing over the years. Why Not truth come to the fore, so that, people know the truth and raise together in one voice for abolishment of JKSSB.

First, Lets Compare the JKSSB with its National Counterpart Staff Selection Commission (SSC) , that does the same Job at National Level, by recruiting staff for Central Govt Departments and Ministries.

 Comparing JKSSB with SSC

Exam date: SSC always releases exam calendar by the beginning of the year with tentative dates, and mostly the exams are conducted according to these dates. But on the other hand the case of JKSSB is somewhat very different. Dates will be released in a month exam will be conducted next or there are chances that the exam won’t be conducted at all. Moreover, whenever SSC releases a Job Notification, there is mention of Exam Dates in it, but this is not the case with JKSSB. Sometimes, it takes over 5 years for JKSSB to conduct the exams. 

Exam Fee: SSC is a nationalised exam and has a good reputation with the pattern of exam it conducts. The exam fee of SSC is mere INR 100. On the other hand JKSSB exam fee is INR 350 which is way too much. Even after paying this amount for exam you cannot be sure whether the exam will be conducted or not. SSC charges Rs 100 for all the posts in its Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGLE), but in JKSSB Graduate Level Exam, you have to pay a separate application fee for every post.

Presence of Transparency: Time and again JKSSB has let us down by the lack of transparency it has for the exam conducted by them. On the other hand SSC has a standard and the exam pattern is very transparent. The candidates feel content after appearing in the exam because it is fair. The recent example is JKSSB 25th Dec Graduate Level Exam, where the students indulged in incidents of Mass copying and pictures of mass copying went viral on Social Media, Later that exam was cancelled, after the Chief Secretary submitted its report to Government.

Result: As discussed before SSC releases its notification every year which cover exam date application form last date result etc. and it follows the notification. But JKSSB has never seen so punctual. Even if they declare the result nobody is sure whether the result released is fair enough or not.

Recruitment: After the candidate gets selected they are provided with a time frame in which they have to report back and join for the post they are selected. But again and again JKSSB is failing to even recruit the selected candidates which makes it a waste of time.

The Dec, 25th Incident of Mass Copying 

Let’s go more deep in what exactly happened on that day which made student lash so badly on the JKSSB (following updates are from the students who appeared in the exam).

- “We were not allotted seats on the venue of our examination center, while other students were taking the examination”. 
- “I saw many students attempting the exam while sitting together in front of me”. 
- “I came here from Delhi to take the exam and get job in my state but I guess the result is already declared”. 
- “They were using mobile phones even the teachers were not saying anything”.  
- “I came here for exam from a far village in Udhampur, I cannot afford to come again” A mother of two. 
- “This was my last attempt, I have exceeded the age-limit now”. 
- “I have my NET exam, and I wasted my time on this.”

For them it might be a joke but the career and future of various aspirants is at stake. But they are totally not bothered at all. All they are worried about is their reputation. They were lost for a long period of 3 freaking months.

Now you all are aware that a notification is updated on the official site of JKSSB which states that the exam will be cancelled and it might be possibly re-held in the month of April (but what is the surety they won’t foul play this time again”.

Now, the Update is that JKSSB cancelled Exam of 25th Dec, was re-scheduled for 29th May, 2016, which was again postponed, due to clash with some other exams. Now only God know, when JKSSB will conduct the exam again.

With all the discussion with all the aspirants and their family, we have come to the conclusion that JKSSB should be dissolved. Why? Are you still thinking why, because it has no dignity for itself.


1.The pattern of exam is not fair: Aspirants give SSB exam with the hope that the exam conducted will be fair and there will be no foul play. But JKSSB does not fit in this criterion. As the exams conducted by JKSSB are not at all fair. Once you fill up the form and pay the chalan, the next moment you have no certainty what is going to happen. By doing all such thing JKSSB is degrading its reputation among people who had high hopes from it.

2. Newspaper is full of news related to leaked papers: The condition is getting so adverse that the entire newspaper is filled with the news of leaked question papers. This is leaving a very bad imprint on the local people as they won’t be filling forms in future. And we are very sure that they will have the same condition in the near future if not cured at this time. All they can do is release the exam notification and that is it no more responsibility. Is this the way in which you run a recruitment board. It is shameful.

3. Results are joke: With such adverse condition you can analyse the situation of the result. Aspirants keep on saying that what is the fun of attempting the exam when the result is fixed. In future they should release notification of the selected candidate only to reduce the hassle.

4.Zero to no management: The board has no management at all. If there were any management then this would not have happened. It is so distressful what is happening with the future of our youth. JKSSB does not understand that buy doing this they are provoking the youth to leave the state and search for jobs somewhere outside.  

5. Stay on every second exam: Another biggest drawback is that there is stay on every other result. Poor aspirants give all their heart and soul to the exam; even if they get selected then also they have to pass another exam that is stay. What a misery. Because of their irresponsible behaviour there is stay on every other exam. 

We have nothing against JKSSB all we want is that they do their job with transparency and dignity. So that at least in future aspirants do not have to scatter around the globe for jobs..

If you have any other views or you want to share what happened at your centre you can leave your comment below. We would love to know, because together we can

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